Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Thubten Chodron: a Marriage blessing

Thubten Chodron : a Marriage Blessing/Wedding

A Marriage Blessing
I was asked by a couple in USA to lead a marriage blessing (This is different from a marriage ceremony, which monastics are not allowed to perform) and prepared the following. Others may use or borrow from it according to their needs.
Thubten Chodron


Wedding Ceremony
by Steven Vannoy and Samia Shalabi

The following "ceremony" was performed as our celebration of our wedding. We were married in a private ceremony by a magistrate and then arranged to invite extended family and friends to our "celebration of love". We had our friend facilitate the ceremony, while we stood holding hands, facing the guests with the main facilitator read what follows off to our left. The crowd was more Christian than Buddhist, but we received a lot of positive feedback from people, particularly of the kind, "that really made me think!"
First names were replaced with generic pronouns in order for people to adapt this to their own use.

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