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Pure Land Buddhist Scripures

Pure LandBuddhist Scriptures

This Buddhist Faith Fellowship and the Shin Buddhist Fellowship of West Hartford's web sites provide the basic Shin Buddhist scriptures, and other important sacred texts for beginning to the advanced seekers.
The Larger and Smaller Sutra & the Contemplation Sutra were written over 2000 years ago. For the 21st century Western reader, they may appear at first to be written in a fantastic language that makes the entire Pure Land teaching diffiicult and incredible to believe. However, these text were written in a literary style that the people of the Sub-Indian continent could understand as appreciate. In other words, the language and symbols are of another culture and time. Therefore, these Three Sutras are NOT TO BE READ LITERALLY but are to be read in a metaphoric or symbolic way.
Remember that all Buddhist texts begin with "Thus have I heard" which means that the texts are just a skilful means that point to the truth and are not the truth themselves. Do not get distracted by the fantastic scenes but concentrate on the meaning behind the circumstances.
The other text is a 13th century Japanese commentary that was written in a more direct and simple way. It is classic text and a must to read. We hope you enjoy these sutras and text and may they deepen your faith and practice.

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