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Practical Meditation: Meditation Related Links

Meditation Related Links

A huge amount of information about Buddhism as a way if life, and a philosophic view. Anyone curious about meditation should download a few of these books to read how sensible and practical it can be if practiced.
Buddhism is a very subtle view which relies on us all making our own sense of it from the plethora of information available. All these books are written by very reliable terachers - people who have been through all the stages any meditator is likely to go. As such these free texts are invaluable.
hgk./bFree audio teachings on Buddhism and meditation
To hear teachers speak is often all the more vivid, because intonation and voice can speak the unspeakable.

If you're at all fascinated with meditation and want to know more, you simply MUST print out and read these Dhamma talks ... each full of clarity, wisdom and insight.  Essential reading for anyy meditator. - Taylor Jacobson
When people speak of Vipassana, the meditation technique of the Buddha, they talk about rules. For 10 days, this means no talking, no reading, no writing, no music or singing, no eye contact; no killing, including mosquitoes; two light meals per day; ......

The Guardian
About four days into my first meditation retreat, I started crying. Not little droplets of tears, but great, big, uncontrolled sobs – it felt like I was throwing up wave after wave of stale sadness. I'd expected the long days of sitting to be boring, 

Huffington Post (blog) 
Attending a silent meditation retreat can produce deep, lasting rewards. But for short-term pleasure, nothing beats that magical moment when you perceive that, having slogged through several difficult days doing nothing and saying even less, ... (press release) 
Meditation is often considered as a practice for relaxing and only for the mind, however, people fail to realise that meditation practice can actually act as a effective tool for weight loss. The most important reason why people fail to lose weight is ... 

Lifehacker Australia - Melanie Pinola 
We've seen before that meditation can guard against information overload. Now new research shows howmeditation works on our brains to help us focus more and possibly relieve chronic pain. ...

Huffington Post (blog) 
In this blog we'll look at a very popular complementary treatment: meditation. Let's begin by acknowledging that millions of people have used meditation for general health and mental health benefits for centuries. When I was a graduate student in ...

My Fox Boston
A new study from MIT and Harvard neuroscientists is helping to shed some light on this mindset with information that reveals how the practice of meditation helps tune out distractions and relieve pain, information that could be extremely helpful for ... - John Hearne
New research shows that daily meditation improves memory and diminishes stress. John Hearne looks at the evidence By John Hearne Think meditation and you probably think hippies with long hair and sandals, sitting cross-legged somewhere chanting mantras 

The Province - Mehmet OzMichael Roizen - ‎May 3, 2011‎
In the time it takes you to read this column, you can master the basics of meditation -- and make your brain bigger, too. Yep, we started our daily practices back when we YOU Docs thought meditation would just ease stress. Then we found that it reduced ......

Huffington Post (blog) - ‎May 4, 2011‎
By learning to meditate. Right. As if you could go sit in a cave like a yogi. Guess what? You don't have to leave the world to meditate. A few minutes in your bedroom at the start of the day is all you need. Despite my totally crazy busy schedule, ... 

Los Angeles Times - Margaret Finnegan - ‎Apr 18, 2011‎
So I did the smartest thing I ever did: I started meditating. I've been doing Vipassana meditation for about three years now. In Vipassana, we focus on the breath. When we realize our minds have wandered, we go back to the breath. ......

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