Friday, 16 January 2015

Life and Devotion in the Kannon Villages (English subtitles)

Life and Devotion in the Kannon Villages (English subtitles)

Published on Jan 16, 2015

Kannon (観音) is among the most revered boddhisattva deities in Japanese Buddhism and is often kept as the main object of worship at temples around Kyoto, Nara, and other historic areas of this central region such as Nagahama.

Embodying both a geographic and cultural crossroads in the heart of Japan, Nagahama City encompasses several traditional villages surrounding the northern coast of Lake Biwa, a region known as Kohoku (lake’s north side). Here in these communities, we find the continuation of a unique and centuries-old tradition to preserve the Kannon.

Known as a caring protector, Kannon gives but also receives protection from these villages as they pass the deity statues down from generation to generation with gratitude and devotion that has lasted since medieval times. See how the spirit of traditional Japan lives on even today in these communities.

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