Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Material Culture of Lived Religions: Visuality and Embodiment


The Material Culture of Lived Religions: Visuality and Embodiment

David Morgan of Duke University comments on the entanglement of body, material culture, and lived religion in his article, "The Material Culture of Lived Religions." Of particular use, he offers a set of operational definitions regarding material culture, embodiment, lived religion, aesthetics, and the material economy of the sacred.

Originally published in:
Mind and Matter: Selected Papers of Nordic Conference 2009. 
Studies in Art History, volume 41. Helsinki: Society of Art History, 2010.

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Food for Thought: The Contributions of 'Matière à Penser' to the Study of Material Culture

Jean-Pierre Warnier offers us a précis on the aims of the Matière à Penser working group. The French term -- 'Matière à Penser' -- translates into 'food for thought.' The group has developed a cutting edge approach to studying "bodily-and-material-culture" in motion by synthesizing a variety of theories regarding the body, subjectivity, and material culture.

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