Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Dhammadana Resources , Myanmar


Dhammadana website

What this Website offer?

Here is a list which resume the contents of dhammadana.org:
  • Essential information for the achievement of each one.
  • Detailed and deep instruction for meditation.
  • A large package of teachings that is perfectly in agreement with Buddha's words
  • Pertinent answers concerning the progress on the way of knowledge.
  • Translations of main texts on the Buddha's teaching.
  • Des Books to download on Buddha, vipassanā, the monastic discipline...
  • A set of teachings about main concepts of the dhamma.
  • A wide section about the vinaya, where the whole monastic discipline failures are explained in detail.
  • A Pali English glossary explaining specific definition for each item.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about various Buddhism topics.
  • A test that puts in mind the importance of your own act.
  • Photographies galleries about topics of the Website.
  • An internal search engine.
  • And many other things...
Information: All the pictures of the site which require it, have a detailed description, available via the "longdesc" attribute, or from the list of detailed descriptions.


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