Friday, 2 May 2014

Sanbo Zen : Ten Ox-Herding Pictures with Teisho

Sanbo Zen : Ten Ox-Herding Pictures with Teisho

Ten Ox-herding Pictures
with the Verses Composed by KAKUAN Zenji

The "Ten Ox-herding Pictures" are one example of the so-called "Ox-herding Pictures." Here, our essential self is compared to an ox. We seek the ox, grasp it, tame it and finally the self which has always been seeking becomes completely one with the ox. But this also is forgotten so that we now simply carry on our ordinary lives. This is the process described by the Pictures. They show concretely the progression of our practice and are very helpful for a self-examination of our own practice and as encouragement for further practice. I hope then that studying the Ten Ox-herding Pictures will provide an opportunity for all of us to continually examine our practice and also give an indication for self-reflection as to what stage we have now arrived.

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