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Robert A.F. Thurman On Buddhism



Robert A.F. Thurman On Buddhism 

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I've listened to this perhaps more than 100 times over several years, and still I hear new things, still realizing, more clearly or a deeper meaning of something, even though I had already heard it so many times before, or how conceptually it was planted in my memory. Whatever understanding I thought I had, it turns out was never complete (even though I often jump to that conclusion). So it is (likely for many of us) of great value to listen to this teaching 'On Buddhism by Robert Thurman' over and over and over...

Being relatively fast & highly condensed as well as deep & far reaching, listening with intense one-pointed concentration is also of immeasurable value. In fact, certain states of mind (dull, distant, sluggish & foggy) will not be able to obtain any benefit or very little from this teaching, while for other states of mind (sharp, present, energetic & clear), the teaching will bloom like the most exquisite of celestial or human botanical gardens.

So, Make your whole life practice, evolve & fine tune the mind, listen and work with only the best of Teachings.
It takes time, patience and constancy, but the rust will fall away, the pain will grow insignificant, suffering will diminish, a true lasting joy will emerge. (while I have for myself only obtained a tiny fragment of this, it is enough to know that it is true)

While I had been interested in Dharmic religions for some time including Buddha Dharma, it was Thurman & Thich Nhat Hanh that initially really opened my eyes to Buddha Dharma, where serious pursuit began to take shape. From Thurman it was especially this 3-part course 'On Buddhism'. Thus I wish to make it more available to others. If I hadn't come across these teachings when I did, I would be in a far worse state than I am now. How immeasurably fortunate that these teachings are present and accessible. If we do not make the Best use of the fortunate circumstances of our present existence, is there any loss greater than that?

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