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Buddhism among Turks - Universal Turkic CuL-Ture & History & Languages & Beliefs

Buddhism among Turks - Universal Turkic CuL-Ture & History & Languages & Beliefs 

Published on Sep 30, 2012
Introduction to Buddhism (Dr. James Powell)
Buddhism among the Turks (Jack Rowe)
Also special thanks to

Ancient holy universal 35,000 Year Turkic History & Cul-Ture & Languages & Civilization - hidden, stolen, rewritten, renamed, disgraced, divided, destroyed by the worst anti-Turkish & anti-Turkic evil United Western/Christian-Zionist Old & New World Order Mafia Terrorists: Europe=EU=USA=Russia=China=Israeliran=UN


"THE TURKS ON THE ROCKS" from East/Central/North Asia to America, North/East/West/South Europe, Ana-tolia, Middle East, Caucasia, fake Iran, Mesopotamia, Egypt, South Arabia, North Africa ...


"The Uyghur Turks had reached high states of civilization and culture;
They knew astrology, mining, textile industries, architecture, mathematics, agriculture, writing, reading, medicine (real founder of acupuncture) (...). They were experts in decorative art or silk, metals, and wood. They made pyramids, statues of gold, silver, bronze, and clay (...).
This was long before the history of Egypt commenced!"

(J. Churchward, S. Malov, K. Mirsan, Erich Feigl, Yu.N. Drozdov, Polat Kaya, S. Lagerbring, H. Tarcan (...))

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