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Buddhism, Mind, and Cognitive Science Conference

Buddhism, Mind, and Cognitive Science Conference

Published on May 12, 2014
Robert Sharf (Buddhist Studies), University of California, Berkeley
John Dunne (Buddhist Studies), Emory University Antoine Lutz
Lawrence Barsalou (Psychology), Emory University
Antoine Lutz (Neuroscience), Neuroscience Research Center, Lyon
Rebecca Todd (Psychology), University of British Columbia
Laurence Kirmayer (Psychiatry), McGill University
Carol Worthman (Anthropology), Emory University
Evan Thompson (Philosophy), University of British Columbia
Clifford Saron (Neuroscience), University of California, Davis
Christian Coseru (Philosophy), College of Charleston
Thomas Metzinger (Philosophy), Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz
Dan Arnold (Philosophy of Religion), University of Chicago
Georges Dreyfus (Buddhist Studies), Williams College
John Tresch (History and Sociology of Science), University of Pennsylvania

This conference was made possible by a grant from The Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation.

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