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The Way to Salvation

The Way to Salvation

Published on Oct 29, 2014
“The Way To Salvation” is a documentary that captured the real life cultivation practice of a Buddhism Dhutanga-practicing Sangha - the Da Bei Sangha. The Da Bei Sangha is stationed at the Da Bei Monastery  in a mountainous valley in Liaoning Province in the northeast of China. Venerable Master Miao Xiang is the The abbot of the monastery

The Vinaya is the foundation of Buddhism cultivation practice and the Dhutanga is a critical way of Buddhism practice. Both were taught and set examples by the Shakyamuni Buddha. Numerous Buddhist patriarchs achieved enlightenment by following them. In spite of a seemingly “old” tradition, the Vinaya and the Dhutanga remain as the effective ways for a Buddhist monk to achieve mind purification and preserve a monk's essential quality in today's overly materialism world. The film shows the cultivation process of Buddhist monks who progress the self-salvation as well as helping the purification of the society by strictly adhering to the Vinaya.

Should any contents in the film conflicts with the Buddhism Sutra and the Vinaya, please use the Buddhism Sutra and the Vinaya as the guidance.


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