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Greek Buddhism, professor Rev. Dr. James Kenneth Powell II

Greek Buddhism

Uploaded on May 20, 2010
by Mike Watters through professor Rev. Dr. James Kenneth Powell II, Well, where to start! This is a compendious 41 min detailed study of the intriguing interactions among Greeks, Indian and Buddhism as a major conduit of communication. I learned a lot in this. I had associated the Skeptics and Stoics with possible Buddhist connections, but not the Cynics. Diogenes is certainly a Buddhist man in the West. The contrast between his view and Socrates/Plato was well stated. He is certainly more in agreement with the Buddha than the others. Watters chronicle of the origins and development of the Alexandrian then Ashokan civilizations was concise yet replete with sufficient details. The travels of the 2 Greek Dharmaraksitas was in particular fascinating. I hadnt heard of this man! Taking Greek Buddhist to Sri Lanka, so far away amazing! The King Menander segments really push home Buddhisms taking root in central Asia and the philosopher Nagasenas argument was a pivotal moment in history. Super job transitions, panningfar more than I requested - one of if not the very best ever.

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