Monday, 18 August 2014

Buddhist Art From Around the World

Buddhist Art From Around the World 

Dechen Lhamo

Uploaded on Sep 10, 2009
This video includes Buddha Statues (Rupas) and Buddhist art mostly from from around Asia and Europe. I have included several large Buddha and Quan Yin rupas located throughout Southeast Asia, including Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Burma, Thailand & China. I have included Buddha rupas in India and Sri Lanka. I have also included a Bamiyan Buddha located in Afghanistan (since destroyed by the taliban), one from Pakistan, and several Buddha figures discovered in Greece. Some of the Buddha rupas featured were housed in monasteries that were destroyed during the cultural revolution in Tibet. I have also included several styles of Stupas (Chortens) located in and around Tibet, India and Nepal. While time and the elements have been kinder to some of these works of art than others, I feel that they are no less important. Than you for watching. Tashi Delek & Peace!

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