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Buddhist Chant - Heart Sutra (Japanese) Hannya Shingyo

Buddhist Chant - Heart Sutra (Japanese) Hannya Shingyo 

Uploaded on Jan 5, 2008
Heart of Wisdom Sutra

Maka Hannya Haramita Shingyo


Kanjizai Bosatsu Gyo Jin Hannya Haramita Ji

Sho Ken Go Un Kai Ku Do Issai Ku Yaku Sharishi

Shiki Fu I Ku

Ku Fu I Shiki

Shiki Soku Ze Ku

Ku Soku Ze Shiki

Ju So Gyo Shiki Yaku Bu Nyo Ze

Sharishi Ze Sho Ho Ku So Fu Sho Fu Metsu

Fu Ku Fu Jo Fu Zo Fu Gen Ze Ko Ku Chu

Mu Shiki Mu Ju So Gyo Shiki

Mu Gen Ni Bi Zets' Shin I

Mu Shiki Sho Ko Mi Soku Ho

Mu Gen Kai Nai Shi Mu I Shiki Kai Mu Mu Myo

Yaku Mu Mu Myo Jin Nai Shi Mu Ro Shi

Yaku Mu Ro Shi Jin Mu Ku Shu Metsu Do

Mu Chi Yaku Mu Toku I Mu Sho Tokko

Bodaisatta E Hannya Haramita

Ko Shin Mu Ke Ge

Mu Ke Ge Ko Mu U Ku Fu

On Ri Issai Tendo Mu So Ku Gyo Nehan

San Ze Sho Butsu E Hannya Haramita

Ko Toku A Noku Ta Ra Sanmyaku Sambodai

Ko Chi Hannya Haramita Ze Dai Jin Shu

Ze Dai Myo Shu

Ze Mu Jo Shu

Ze Mu To Do Shu

No Jo Issai Ku Shin Jitsu Fu Ko

Ko Setsu Hannya Haramita Shu

Soku Setsu Shu Watsu

Gyate Gyate Hara Gyate

Hara So Gyate Boji Sowa Ka

Hannya Shin Gyo


Heart of the Great Wisdom Sutra

When a sincere truth seeker attains the wisdom of enlightenment, he realizes that all the five senses are empty and he transcends every suffering.

Listen: All things are no different from emptiness; emptiness is not different from all things. Form is emptiness; emptiness is form. Feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness are also like this.

Listen: The original nature of all things is neither born nor extinguished. There is no purity, no defilement; no gain, no loss.

In this world of emptiness there is no form, no feelings, perceptions, impulses, or consciousness. No eye, ear, tongue body, or mind. Therefore, no color, sound, smell, taste, touch, or thought. The world of form does not exist, nor the world of the mind or of ignorance; no old age and no death.

Yet there is continuous ignorance, old age, and death.

There is no suffering, no cause of suffering, no cessation of suffering; no wisdom and no attainment because there is nothing to be attained. The compassionate truth-seeker depends upon the wisdom of enlightenment.

When the mind does not become attached to anything, there are no obstacles and fear does not exist. This mind goes beyond all disruptive views and attains Nirvana. All the Buddhas of the past, present and future depend upon the wisdom of enlightenment--and so attain the supreme, wisdom of enlightenment as the great unexplainable true word, the great shining true word that is able to remove all suffering. It is true, not false. This true word of wisdom says:

Gyate Gyate Hara Gyate Hara So Gyate Bodhi Sowa Ka.

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